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The Lefty Catcher is a baseball blog that strives to bridge the gap between the analytical side of the game with the entertaining side. We want to break down topics that casuals might not understand/be aware of in an easy, fun, and digestible way for all to enjoy, while still providing insightful analysis. Most of all, we are motivated to promote and grow the game we love!

This is a startup looking to grow and provide thoughtful and entertaining analysis into MLB/amateur baseball. We are always looking to give opportunities to up-and-coming writers to showcase their skills. If interested, please reach out to for more information or use the Contact tab at the top of the page.

We use statistics from Fangraphs, Baseball Reference, and Baseball Savant a lot on this site and encourage everyone to go check them out and learn more about what we reference. 

If you like what you see, please donate to our Patreon, subscribe to our newsletter, and like/subscribe/follow/share us on all social media @theleftycatcher. Any assistance in gaining us more traffic will help us bring more you more content!



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